Monday, 30 October 2017

why Everyone Loves Best Travel Operator

Here are some facts about travel operators and tours.

9 problems with travel-

1.  missed flights connections :-
We used to get one or two letters a year about this issue in 2014,i lost count. Book your flights one ticket. If your   don’t your first flights arrive late. Missed flights create now problems. If you are unable to do a one ticket booking.

2 . sent off course reservation errors :-
Error seat reservation is not possible in Reservation of Flight. This is the problem that has not been fixed yet. The reservation ticket is not available yet. Were reservation ticket is going on in the ticketing. And its ticket is also quite expensive.

3 . mosquito problem in every passangers :-
Passenger has a problem with mosquitoes while traveling in bus or train. Nowadays, mosquito bites are increasing in the problem of dengue. It is now difficult to travel in bus and train. We have to face these problems every day. It has been a lot of problems for young children to travel with this problem.

 4. dosent't confirm seat passangers in travel :-
doesn’t confirm seat passengers in travel. The bus or train has already been kidnap. The problem is that there is a problem. even if your friend travel in AC and you have SL class ticket. There is no confirmation of the ticket, the seat of the wave has not been found.

5. Problems of crowd in bus:- Bus or travel time is very crowded, due to which we also fall many times, and we also get hurt.
Because of the crowd, we often leave our station behind. Travelling by bus is in most cases quite enjoyable, but depending on the country you are travelling to, bringing luggage might require a bit more precaution. Due to the crowd, we also forget to take a time ticket travel at buses.
6. Bus traffic rummer problem:-
If you have time to travel in the bus, if you get stuck in the road then we may have to stand there for a long time. Because of which we have to take a lot of trouble. When traveling on the bus, if the road leads to jam and it is time for summer then sweat becomes worse.
7. Your wallet is stolen:-
Our purse in the bus or train can also be stolen. Or our purse can be missed somewhere.
8. you'r attecked by mosquitos.
 Orange attacks mosquitoes with aerial spraying. Orange County is doing aerial spraying for mosquitoes for the first time in years. ... 

9. Passengers dosen't safe in travel create a new problems:-
Passengers are not safe at the time of travel and they are having considerable problems.
They get time to board the bus.


1.    missed flights connections :-
The two-hour rule states that if a passenger arrives within two hours of their missed flight, the airline employee can put you on the next flight with the same airline on standby at no charge.

2 .  sent off course reservation errors :-
As you can imagine, many scenarios aren’t clear cut. It’s important to remember that airlines are in business to make money. If they can pass the blame onto the passenger, they probably will, since correcting such mistakes can be a drag on their bottom line. That puts the burden on us as travelers to be extremely careful when locking in travel plans.
3. mosquito problem in every passangers :-
The solution to avoid mosquitoes is that take   your automats on your body so that mosquitoes do not cut. And do not scratch
 on mosquito bites.
4. dosent't confirm seat passangers in travel :-
 Do not forget to rate the reservation at the same time. This will not wait for your ticket.
5.problem of crowd in bus:- 
   The problem is that due to the crowd in the bus, the beauty of the bus is that you can travel in another bus.
6. Bus traffic rummer problem:-
You have a problem with the crowd while traveling in the bus. It is a pleasure that you can travel in another bus.
7. Your wallet is stolen:-  
Do not put the wallet in your back pocket to prevent wallet stolen. This will steal your wallet.
8. you'r attecked by mosquitos:- 

The way to avoid the attack of mosquitos is that you should wear all the clothes in the body. From which the attack of mosquitos can be avoided.
9. Passengers dosen't safe in travel create a new problems:-
When they travel, they themselves go to the wrong station. It is a pleasure to ask that the people should be asked to be anywhere.

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